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  • Carnival of Mathematics 190
    Welcome to the 190th Carnival of Mathematics! For those new to the Carnival, it is a monthly roundup of Mathematical blogging/video making/podcasting/activities. It’s coordinated by The Aperiodical where you can find links to all previous Carnivals. Every month, it is hosted by a different blog, and this month it is my turn! It is traditionalContinue reading “Carnival of Mathematics 190”
  • UK Maths Trust
    Another venture I have been involved in is helping write UK Maths Trust daily lockdown problems. You can find them here! If you want more fun Maths things from UKMT, check out the mentoring scheme (something I also volunteer with)
  • Twins!!
    Today is my twin brother’s birthday, so I decided that’s a good enough excuse to talk a bit about twins. Whilst “twin brothers” are my favourite variety of twin, I’m actually going to be writing about my second favourite twins: Twin Primes. Twin Primes refer to any pairs where both and are prime. For exampleContinue reading “Twins!!”
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