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Chalkdust Issue 14

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Chalkdust Issue 14 is live!

Head to the Chalkdust website to read the articles, or even order an actual physical copy! Though I may be biased, there are some cracking articles in this issue. The beautiful cover (designed by Beatrice Taylor) is themed around Madeleine Hall’s article on Venn diagrams. We learn about retrograde chess problems, and random walks (a particular favourite topic of mine), as well as how the enigma machine was cracked (but probably not the story you’re thinking of).

As for our regular features, Dominique Sleet gave an excellent interview about Maths outreach, which is very close to Chalkdust’s heart. As has become tradition, Ellen and I have another BIG ARGUMENT, but we promise we’re friends. Finally, the puzzles this issue are top class, and credit has to go to Humbug for a wonderful cryptic crossword.

That is merely a taster of what’s in the magazine, so get reading and enjoy!


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