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September 2022

As we’re gearing up for another academic year, I’m going to be sharing some of exciting things I’m up to, starting with September

On 13th September I’ll be hosting Clopen Mic Night 3: Clopen Sept. This is a mathematical variety show, held semi regularly!

From 18th – 23rd September, I’ll be at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum as part of the official blog and social media team. The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is a maths and computer science conference, gathering together medallists from both fields.

The final thing I’m doing in September is starting my new role leading Parallel Maths Circles. Parallel is a entire started by Simon Singh to give school children the chance to explore maths beyond the curriculum for free!

There are many more exciting things coming up in October, November, and December too, so watch this space!


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