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Maths Communication Projects


I am an editor for Chalkdust Magazine, a popular Mathematics magazine. This role involves, among other things, editing articles, typesetting, and co-organising the running of the magazines.

I also edit or write all of the cryptic crosswords, and have written several articles.

24 Hour Maths

Game Show:

I was a member of the team organising the 24 hour maths game show. I also participated in the show both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. I hosted a segment, gave a half hour talk, and co-wrote Have I Got Maths For You.

We raised over £4500 for charity. More information, including where to watch the show, can be found here.

Magic Show:

I hosted a segment of the 24 hour Maths Magic show, held to raise money for charity. More information can be found here!

Card Tricks and Conversations with Jo Morgan

Shuffles and Skulduggery with Kevin Houston

A Treasure Trove of Tricks with Tiago Hirth


I’m on the organising team for MathsJam. As part of this, I helped organise the UK Annual Gathering, including arranging the schedule of speakers, and providing tech support throughout the weekend.


I have tutored students with ages ranging from 10 to 18. I have mainly taught Mathematics, which I have taught at 11+ level, GCSE, A Level, and I’ve tutored for the TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission), Cambridge’s mathematics entrance exams for those wanting to study subjects such as computer science. I have also tutored Physics and Chemistry up to GCSE level.

I also spent a few months presenting Level 4 of the Parallel Maths Circles, a project devised by Simon Singh, which he co-runs with Junaid Mubeen.


Pi Day

As a member of the “Council of Calculating Pi By Hand” I helped to organise, and participate in, Matt Parker’s 2022 Pi Day video.

Charity Song

I sang on a charity Christmas record about Gauss, called A Story Often Told. This involved 37 different STEM creators!


I produced an episode of a podcast. This was funded by the University of Cambridge Faculty of Mathematics, and supported by Dr Tom Crawford.

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