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Past Events

This is a selection of talks I have given at events in the past. This does not include the numerous talks I have given in schools, online and as part of university outreach projects.

Maths Inspiration

04/12/22 Maths Inspiration, Cambridge

04/11/22 Maths Inspiration, Winchester

07/12/2021 Maths Inspiration, Cambridge – two sessions. I was the youngest speaker at any Maths Inspiration event ever, by several years.

Maths in Action

A Level

24/11/22 A Level Maths in Action, London and Online

18/11/22 A Level Maths in Action, London

16/11/22 A Level Maths in Action, Warwick

14/11/22 A Level Maths in Action, Warwick


02/12/22 GCSE Maths in Action, London and Online – speaking

15/11/22 GCSE Maths in Action, Warwick – chairing and speaking

16/03/2022 GCSE Maths in Action Day, London

09/11/2021 A Level Maths in Action Day, Warwick

Royal Institution Masterclasses

16/07/2022 Royal Institution Secondary Maths Masterclass Celebration – speaking and chairing

09/07/2022 Royal Institution Primary Maths Masterclass Celebration – chairing

Primary Masterclass speaker session (Year 5): 5 times

Secondary Masterclass speaker session (Year 9): 1 time

Other Events

20/12/22 What Can Mathematicians Do? Online talk

02/11/22 ICMS Diverse Voices in Mathematics

28/10/22 to 29/10/22 24 Hour Maths Game Show – I was on the organising committee and was involved in several segments

19/09/22 to 24/09/22 Heidelberg Laureate Forum – I am a member of the official blog and social media teams.

13/09/22 Clopen Mic Night – I hosted this free, online event

23/06/2022 Aim Conference – I spoke at this event

31/10/20 24 Hour Maths Magic Show – I hosted 1.5 hours of the show, and worked behind the scenes for 2 hours

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