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Upcoming Talks:

These can be found here.

Some Past Talks:

These can be found here

I give mathematics talks, both online and in person. I have experience giving talks to lecture theatres for school students, and I can be booked to give talks in schools.

I am willing and able to write and adapt talks for specific audiences and occasions. I have also spoken at recreational mathematics events.

Note: I have an enhanced DBS check, and have received training on the safeguarding of young people, both for my job and for when I volunteered as a Cub Scout leader.

A (non-exhaustive) list of talks I give:

How to get rich quick

From fairground games to the stock market, knowing what will happen is a great advantage. In this session, Sophie gives an introduction to the world of finance and shares some of the Maths she used working as a trader.
Ages: 16-18

Putting the Colour into Mathematics

Colouring can be great fun, but did you know that it can also lead to some very interesting Maths? Join Sophie to discover the rules governing how we can colour things, and to see  how colouring can help us solve some interesting mathematical conundra. Pens or pencils (ideally in several colours!) are recommended. This can be given as a talk or as a workshop.
Ages: 14-17

Careers with Mathematics

In this eye-opening talk Sophie discusses a variety of careers that Mathematics is vital for. From teaching and trading, to roller coaster design and researcher, students are introduced to a huge variety of possibilities. They even get to try their hand at some jobs Sophie has done herself! Note this can contribute to Gatsby Benchmark 4.
Ages: 15-18

Discovering Pascal’s triangle (workshop)

Sophie fell in love with Maths at a young age, and Pascal’s Triangle was what really sealed the deal for her. It amazed her how, armed only with addition and the number 1, we could create something so full of secrets and mathematical intrigue. And it’s some of these secrets you will discover together in this workshop.
Ages: 8-12


Aspire to be a person like this

A Student

When Sophie spoke to my students about careers in maths, she really connected with them, and they were inspired by her enthusiasm and knowledge. The Q&A session could have gone on and on, as the students were excited to learn more.

A Maths Teacher

Super kind and interactive. A great host and speaker.

A Student

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