Carnival of Mathematics 204

It’s that time again – I’m back writing the Carnival of Mathematics, and we’re now on number 204 (where does the time go?)! You may remember when I wrote number 190, but for those unfamiliar with the Carnival, it is a monthly roundup of Mathematical blogging/video making/podcasting/activities, coordinated by The Aperiodical. As is tradition, lastContinue reading “Carnival of Mathematics 204”

Illegal Maths?

As mathematicians, we often like dealing with absolute truths. There are Platonic solids that’s never going to change. We can be certain that the angle in a semi circle is a right-angle. and that’s a fact*. But what happens when people try to enshrine mathematical truths into law. Or worse, what happens when people tryContinue reading “Illegal Maths?”

Carnival of Mathematics 190

Welcome to the 190th Carnival of Mathematics! For those new to the Carnival, it is a monthly roundup of Mathematical blogging/video making/podcasting/activities. It’s coordinated by The Aperiodical where you can find links to all previous Carnivals. Every month, it is hosted by a different blog, and this month it is my turn! It is traditionalContinue reading “Carnival of Mathematics 190”

Sunday’s Summons: Socially-Distanced Stabbing (for Sport)

I, Sophie the Mathmo, hereby summon you to complete this challenge: Following on from this morning’s Sunday’s Summons, I want to talk about the second activity I participated in Cambridge. I went to a fencing training session! In order to be COVID-safe, we fenced in groups of and didn’t mix outside of these groups. AtContinue reading “Sunday’s Summons: Socially-Distanced Stabbing (for Sport)”

Sunday’s Summons: Rowing Round the Bend!

I, Sophie the Mathmo, hereby summon you to complete this challenge: Last weekend I was in Cambridge so last week’s Sunday’s Summons rolls over to this week and you lucky people get TWO challenges! Whilst I was in Cambridge, I met may people and participated in two sports. The first of these was rowing. IContinue reading “Sunday’s Summons: Rowing Round the Bend!”

Today is the day!: Ada Lovelace

The final female Mathematician profile for now must, of course, be Ada Lovelace. Today is Ada Lovelace Day – a day marked for the celebration of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Born Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace on December , Ada had an interesting start to life. She was the onlyContinue reading “Today is the day!: Ada Lovelace”

1 Day to Go: Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Maria Agnesi is the penultimate female Mathematician. Today’s profile is a short one, because tomorrow there will be plenty – I can’t wait to share with you the podcast, the final female Mathematician profile for now, and some bonus extras! Maria Gaetana Agnesi was born on May in Milan, Italy. Aged she spoke languages (Italian,Continue reading “1 Day to Go: Maria Gaetana Agnesi”

2 Days to Go: Hypatia

Up until now, all the Mathematicians I have discussed have been (fairly) modern. Today I have decided to go all the way back to the century to introduce you to Hypatia, the first female Mathematician whose life is reasonably well recorded.  Hypatia’s exact date of birth is unknown but it is believed that she wasContinue reading “2 Days to Go: Hypatia”

Sunday’s Summons: The OG SophieTheMathmo

I, Sophie the Mathmo, hereby summon you to complete this challenge: Avid followers of this blog will have seen me post profiles of female Mathematicians this week. The first of these was Sophie Germain ( and I mentioned that a Sophie Germain prime is a prime such that is also prime. What is the highestContinue reading “Sunday’s Summons: The OG SophieTheMathmo”

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