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From the Archives: Pascal’s Triangle

This article was first published on 05/02/15 on a blog I ran at the time. It is republished here unedited, in it’s entirety   It has many interesting properties and for anyone interested about discovering more, the first thing I would suggest doing is colouring all the multiples of three in one colour, and all theContinue reading “From the Archives: Pascal’s Triangle”

From the Archives: Infinity

This article was first published on 21/02/15 on a blog I ran at the time. It is republished here unedited, in it’s entirety. Infinity is a concept that a lot of people are aware of, but is even more interesting than originally appears. There are many reasons for this but one which I particularly likeContinue reading “From the Archives: Infinity”

The Chinese Remainder Theorem

If you have ever been in charge of a group of young children, you will understand how much of a nightmare it can be to make sure you do not lose any of them. Headcounts are all very well and good but the problem with kids is that they keep moving! But next time youContinue reading “The Chinese Remainder Theorem”

Frozen Fractals

It was December 2013. I, like many others, sat in my local cinema eagerly awaiting what was promised to be the film of the season – Disney’s Frozen. The beginning of the film was as you’d expect any Disney film to be – enjoyable, entertaining, and containing at least one amusing sidekick. But partway throughContinue reading “Frozen Fractals”