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Sunday’s Summons: Socially-Distanced Stabbing (for Sport)

I, Sophie the Mathmo, hereby summon you to complete this challenge: Following on from this morning’s Sunday’s Summons, I want to talk about the second activity I participated in Cambridge. I went to a fencing training session! In order to be COVID-safe, we fenced in groups of and didn’t mix outside of these groups. AtContinue reading “Sunday’s Summons: Socially-Distanced Stabbing (for Sport)”

From the Archives: Pascal’s Triangle

This article was first published on 05/02/15 on a blog I ran at the time. It is republished here unedited, in it’s entirety   It has many interesting properties and for anyone interested about discovering more, the first thing I would suggest doing is colouring all the multiples of three in one colour, and all theContinue reading “From the Archives: Pascal’s Triangle”